Garden Design, Consulting & Coaching

You have a garden in mind.  Where should you start?  You have a feeling about it.  You have seen something you love.  You hate certain colors, love others.  You have heard differing stories from friends on what might look good at your house.

Would you like an experienced pair of eyes and hands to show you how to get started, what to do step by step?

If you want to garden yourself, or if you prefer to have someone else lay it out for you and maintain it, I will provide advice and easy to follow instructions and will help you get the look you are imagining.  I’ll come to your house and listen to your thoughts and give you an easy plan to follow at your own pace.

At the end of our meeting I will provide you with a written log of what we have discussed with plant specifications with pictures and a quick diagram if needed.

I can help you as an individual or give guidance to your landscaper or maintenance crew.  Occasionally it may be appropriate to hire some of our own gardeners or craftspeople.  I can also make recommendations for finding the right person or company in your area to create garden features or stonework. I can either provide the plants you are looking for or source them.

If our meeting leads you to desire more complete plans, I can do that too. But often a consultation or a few short progress sessions is all one needs to get the garden going, avoiding common mistakes. Hands on coaching on when and how to divide, prune, and keep the show going can take the guess work out of creating the gardens you will love.

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Jenny Lee Hughes
PO Box 858
471 Center Pond Road
Stoddard, NH 03464

phone:  603 562 7727